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  • "5-9 Servings
    of raw fruits and vegetables daily,
    will cut cancer (and all major diseases) in half."

    - American Cancer Society

  • "At least one-third
    of all cancer cases are preventable."

    - World Health Organization

  • "Strong evidence
    shows that a diet filled with a variety of
    plant foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains and beans, helps lower risk for many cancers."

    - American Institute for Cancer Research

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The Cwellness Story

The CWellness mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle, particularly one that is free of cancer. We believe there are steps that can be taken to promote cancer wellness. From the foods we eat, to the way we exercise, to the way we think, there are certain factors that can promote this healthy way of living and work towards keeping cancer at bay. We understand there is currently no cure for cancer. There is no one food to eat, one pill to take, one exercise routine that will cure or prevent cancer. We are hopeful that in the near future, the battle against cancer will be won. Unfortunately, that is not the reality of the world we currently live in. But we do believe by incorporating certain lifestyle changes, we can help turn the odds in our favor, while increasing the chances of living a cancer-free life. With input from dieticians, nutritionists, oncologists, fitness trainers and other related specialists, CWellness is pleased to offer an array of products and resources promoting cancer wellness.

Anti-Cancer Foods and Living

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