Conner Middlemann-Whitney, author of Zest for Life: The Mediterranean Anti-Cancer Diet, discusses the pros and cons, including the potential anti-cancer benefits, of green and white tea. Tea, and especially the more widely studied green tea, is thought to have many anti-cancer effects. Firstly, it may prevent the formation of cancer cells; observational studies associate regular intake of green tea with decreased risk for bladder, colon, stomach, pancreatic and esophageal cancers. The phytochemicals in green tea have also been shown to increase the production and activity of detoxification enzymes in humans and may enhance our ability to detoxify carcinogens. Where there are cancerous cells present, green tea may slow their growth and spread; it is thought to inhibit angiogenesis, or the growth of new blood vessels to nourish a tumor, and trigger apoptosis, which is the spontaneous self-destruction of cancer cells.