In our video series for preparing and recovering from surgery of the upper body, we introduce you to 5 graceful and gentle Crane movements from Medical/Martial Qigong. This Crane set will cover every possible angle to stretch and stimulate the soft tissues in your upper body: skin, fascia, muscles, tendons and ligaments. This crane set combines movements, different deep breathing patterns, mindfulness and evoking the spirit of the crane. Each one of the 5 Crane movements in this set can be done sitting, standing or even lying in bed. We recommend practicing each movement 10 to 50 times or 30 to 60 seconds. The first Crane movement, Crane plays with both wings, is a warm up; horizontal to the floor or back to front. The second Crane movement is a bit harder on the upper body, Crane flaying, to challenge the arms and chest but with the principle of 80 percent effort; the movement is up and down, vertically. The third Crane movement is; Crane recovers from its flight which adds another important angle and also massages the soles of the feet, which is part of the formula; forward and backwards. The fourth Crane movement; Crane attacks, is another important angle for the neck and shoulders and to stimulate the lungs; 45 degrees to the floor and sky. The last and fifth Crane piece is, Crane plays with one wing, which can be done to any of the angles; this is a great way to cool down and finish or also a great way to start.