To improve sleep and deal with fatigue we recommend a combination of 3 Mind-Body Prescriptions. The first is the 5 patterns of deep breathing, the second is the “Up and Down” which entails two sets of 10 repetitions each and the third is 10 to 20 Wall Pushups. The order in which they are performed is not important. Over time, you will find the right order for you; some may start with the Wall Pushups then the Up and Down and finish with the 5 patterns of deep breathing and others may start with the 5 patterns of breathing and then progress to the Up and Down and Wall Pushups. In this video, we will introduce both the 5 breathing techniques and the Up and Down exercises. A later video in this series features the Wall Pushups. As always, go at your own pace, especially if you are currently in cancer treatment or recovering from surgery. Please consult with your doctor before doing any exercise regimen.