In our video series for preparing and recovering from upper body surgery, we would like to share this stationary 4 postures stretching set with you. Performed in a doorway, it is actually a combination of effective stretches designed to increase the range of upper body movement. Many breast cancer survivors use this technique as part of their recovery. If you are recovering from surgery, please be sure to ask your doctor before participating in any exercise program. And as always, please go at your own pace. Each stretch, or posture is represented by one of 4 letters and is for a different time and situation; the routine begins with the letter “M” stretch which simply involves gently stretching every soft tissue in the chest as well as the arms. The second stretch, the letter “T,” is slightly more difficult and more completely opens the soft tissues of the chest and arms. The third stretch, the letter “Y,” is much more demanding since it involves relaxing the neck and shoulders. The last stretch, the letter “I” is the hardest stretch: its successful completion is a sign that your upper body, chest, rotator cuffs and arms are totally open and ready for surgery or other major physical stress, such as sports participation. The last two postures/stretches, the “Y” and the ” I” symbolize the full range of motion in your chest and arms. When performed with deep breathing and in a state of mindfulness, these 4 stretches will prepare the area for surgery and optimize your recovery process. These stretches are also great for individuals with frozen shoulders, neck stiffness and the need to stimulate the lungs. Additionally, they serve as two very powerful forms of standing meditation.