In this video, Mark Yoder (N.P., Oncology) reviews weight loss / lack of appetite, and some tips for dealing with this common treatment side effect. Losing weight is very common and could be harmful during any stage of cancer treatment. There are many reasons for losing weight; first and foremost among them is the enormous stress of having cancer. If the stress itself wasn’t enough, the onslaught of chemo, radiation, metallic taste, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, throwing up, loss of taste, mouth sores, sore throat, pain and, even, depression, will, more often than not, make it hard to eat. Sometimes, the treatment and loss of muscle mass affects your metabolism or sometimes the tumor is in the way. Other times, fear and anxiety kicks in. Many times, individuals just lose their appetites or the ability to eat and loss of weight is a common side effect. Since unintended weight loss can have such serious consequences, it must be dealt with as quickly and thoroughly as possible; this is definitely easier said than done.