Dealing with metastatic breast cancer is a difficult road to navigate. Even though at times it may seem like nobody understands what you are going through, there are others out there who “get it”, especially in the breast cancer community. In this video from our friends over at Living Beyond Breast Cancer, young breast cancer survivors with metastatic breast cancer give advice to other young women who have been recently diagnosed. This shared knowledge is vital in helping women face their breast cancer challenges head on. As with all of the videos in the “Let’s Talk About It” video series, courageous women share their stories and experiences to “pay it forward”. If we can learn from those who have gone through it, we can pave the path and help others have an easier road by hearing the experiences of others.

Living Beyond Breast Cancer

For 25 years, Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC) has provided trusted information and a community of support to people affected by breast cancer and their loved ones. LBBC offers programs and services on the latest medical and quality of life information as well as resources tailored for specific types of breast cancer. These programs and resources can be accessed online, in print, by phone and in person. All of the organization’s resources are carefully and frequently reviewed by some of the country’s leading healthcare experts and people affected by the disease. Learn more about LBBC and its work at LBBC.ORG.

*Please consult your doctor or mental health professional if you have questions about the topics on these videos.