Next in our meditation video series, we introduce you to standing still meditations, which are called Yi Chuan in Chinese. We will teach you different levels of standing meditations from the easiest standing meditations to the hardest ones. The first, and the easiest, one is from Yoga or Chi Kung and is called, “Mountain Stance.” The second standing meditation, which is slightly harder, is from Medical Chi Kung or Tai Chi and is called, “Holding the Buddha.” The final standing meditation, the hardest of the 3, which is from both Martial Chi Kung and Tai Chi is called, “Embrace the Tree.” We review the correct alignment, leg and arm position while in each posture, as well as the correct “sensation” and the recommended time for practicing each one. We will talk about how you can integrate the 5 building blocks of our being, Body, Breath, Mind, Energy and Spirit, into your standing meditations with continued practice.