In this first video of our “Building Muscle Mass and Increasing Bone Density” series, we introduce two types of leg resistance exercises. The exercise with the legs apart builds the four quadriceps muscles and tensor fascia of the outer thighs and the exercise with the legs together builds the adductor and abductor muscles of the inner thighs. The ”Up and Down Movements” will also strengthen the gluteus and hamstring muscles. Building leg muscle mass using these two sets of leg resistance exercises will also contribute, over time, to increasing bone density. We talk about how many repetitions to do, when to perform them quickly or slowly and how to protect the knees and lower back. We also talk about correct alignment while performing the “Up and Down Movements,” with an emphasis on deep breathing, as well as the importance of emptying the mind from any thoughts, while a working with the energetic system and evoking your spirit. This is the teaching video; you can revisit this video periodically as you continue to perfect these exercises. As always, go at your own pace, especially if you are currently in treatment or recovering from surgery. Please consult with your doctor before doing any exercise regimen.